​The Institute for Human and Planetary Health exists in order to:


1) Promote development of sustainable food systems focused on the production of plant foods. The purpose of these food systems is to promote plant based diets as prevention for and reversal of chronic, non- communicable diseases through Lifestyle Medicine education, to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental damage of our agricultural systems and to promote food security and equity globally. ​Read more


2) Advocate for our water. We believe that access to clean water is a basic human right. The IHPH seeks to perform research and advocate for policy that protects and improves our sources of freshwater. Read more


3) Promote resilience. We recognize that a transition to a less energy intensive and locally self-reliant society that is better prepared for catastrophic events is vital for adapting to climate change and environmental degradation. The IHPH seeks to educate about resilience and put thoughts into action, starting in our own backyard. ​ Read more

Planetary Health Alliance                      

Doane University's IHPH is a member of the Planetary Health Alliance which is "Deciphering the links between accelerating global environmental change and human health to support robust policy making and public education around the world."






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