David Vetter

David Vetter
President and CEO of Grain Place Foods

David Vetter, President and CEO of Grain Place Foods, has been living an ongoing experiment in how to grow food in a way that is both regenerative to the soil and economically viable for the people who farm.

He originally pursued a call to missionary service after college, which eventually led him back home to the family farm in Marquette, Nebraska to try farming methods that would improve the quality of the soil. That was 1975.

His steadfast commitment has driven him past innumerable challenges and obstacles to develop an infrastructure for the marketing of organic grains in our area.

The mission of Grain Place Foods is to provide to its customers grain products that are grown and produced in an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible manner – with the conviction that how your food is produced does matter!

In 2016 the Rodale Institute named him an Organic Pioneer, and the Organic Trade Association awarded him with the Organic Leadership Award.  In 2011 the Vetter family was named Organic Farmers of the Year by the Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). David Vetter’s journey as an organic farmer is told in an inspiring new documentary by filmmaker Bonnie Hawthorne, Dreaming of a Vetter Worldwhose executive producer is noted film actor Steve Buscemi.

David continues to live on the farm, and with his wife, Rogean, they raised three children there: Allison (‘93C), Darci and Madison.