our missionimproving human and planetary health.

Our mission is to present the evidence that the dietary pattern that best preserves both human and planetary health is based on minimally processed, whole plant foods grown using sustainable and restorative agricultural practices. The IHPH also seeks to provide educational opportunities for those who want to restore human and planetary health, create resilient, healthy communities and help transform current policy that favors high cost medical care, industrial agricultural and food production systems over people and the environment. ​

A venn diagram of health sciences and natural and physical sciences. On the health sciences side: Cardiac Medicine, Genetics Research, Endocrinology, Metabolism, Neurosciences, Infectious Diseases, Nutrition, Dietetics, Oncology, Psychiatry, Respiratory Medicine, and Virology. On the Natural and Physical Sciences side: Agriculture, Ecology, Meteorology, Biodiversity conservation, Environmental sciences, Oceanography, Soil Science, Urban Planning, and Water resources. In the center is Planetary Health in large font.

food. water. resilience. the Institute for
Human & Planetary
Health exists for
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