The Human and Planetary Health Society is the student group associated with the Institue.


Human and Planetary Health Society


Student Projects and Campus Initiatives:

  • Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign- HPHS is working to encourage the University administration and Board of Trustees to divest all current and future investments from the fossil fuel industry
  • Food Waste Initiative- Doane University throws away over 900 pounds of food each week from the campus cafeteria. Doane engineering students built a "proof of concept" biodigester that can be used to anaerobically break down the food waste and capture the methane, using it to displace fossil gas use on campus.
  • Single Use Item Initiative- HPHS is working to eliminate all single-use items on campus. They started with distribution of coffee cups to use at Lakeside Coffee House
  • Permaculture Project- At the most recent IHPH Symposium, a permaculture workshop was held. HPHS students lobbied for use of a piece of ground on campus as a site for a new permaculture project which was designed at the workshop and will be implemented by students over the coming semesters.
  • Water Project- This project will save 96%-98% of the water used from faucets on campus. This project will add faucet add-ons that will atomize the water coming from the faucets. This project will cost just over $6,000 to implement these faucet add-ons and will pay itself off in 1-2 years.


Student Officers:

  • President- Hunter Kleinschmidt
  • Vice President- Jared Foote
  • Secretary- Zach Renshaw
  • Treasurer- Morgan Langmack
  • Social Chair- Kaitlyn Andreessen
  • Green Researchers- Craig and Colin Bramhall