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Aubrey Streit Krug

Aubrey Streit Krug

Director of Ecosphere Studies at The Land Institute

Perennial Healing: Agriculture in the Ecosphere

A big-picture diagnosis of the challenge of agriculture has led The Land Institute to offer a scientific prescription for the development of perennial polycultures. This healing work helps us recover people and land anew—and remember how growth and decay are both part of resilient, healthy systems. Transforming how we feed ourselves to fit within the ecosphere necessarily involves reimagining our ways of thinking, feeling, learning, and making a living in community.

About Aubrey Streit Krug

Aubrey Streit Krug is a writer and teacher who directs the Ecosphere Studies program at The Land Institute, a nonprofit agricultural research organization based in Salina, Kansas. She earned her BA from Bethany College and her MA and PhD in English and Great Plains Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her scholarly essays have been published in Ecology & Society and the Journal of Ecocriticism along with the collections Plants and Literature and Writing Suburban Citizenship. She is a contributor to the new collaborative textbook The Omaha Language and the Omaha Way: An Introduction to Omaha Language and Culture.

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